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Campionatul National Echipe Juniori 2008 F16

Last update 31.08.2008 06:02:02, Creator: romanian chess federation (licence 3),Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 6)

Team-Composition with round-results

  1. C.S. Politehnica Iasi (RtgAvg:1070, TB1: 14,5 / TB2: 9)
1Vericeanu Ilinca811ROM1011014,06
2Gelip Ioana700ROM1011115,06
3Anton Roxana-Ana656ROM1111½15,56
  2. C.S. F.C. Callatis Mangalia (RtgAvg:1072, TB1: 13,5 / TB2: 11)
1Olarasu Ioana816ROM11101½4,56
2Sevastian Ana-Denisse653ROM1111015,06
3Capraru Roxana-Elena599ROM½011½14,06
  3. C.S.M. Craiova (RtgAvg:1014, TB1: 4,5 / TB2: 2)
1Stanciu Maria-Cristina641ROM001001,05
2Micu Diana-Maria594ROM0½00101,56
3Kevorchian Andreea-Gabriela484ROM½0000,54
4Ene Roxana467ROM½011,53
  4. C.S. Botosani (RtgAvg:983, TB1: 3,5 / TB2: 2)
1Diaconita Tamara550ROM0½001½2,06
2Tarnauceanu Ana-Cristina401ROM0100001,06
3Rudisteanu Dorina-Adelina401ROM0½00000,56