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HCA - 8th Mahendergarh Distt. U-13 (Mixed) Chess Championship 2-3 Aug 2014 {Online Registration @}

Last update 03.08.2014 17:44:41, Creator/Last Upload: chess association of india, lucknow

Starting rank

1Aarti (BPS), WHCA0
2Aarti (HPS), WHCA0
3Aastha (HPS), WHCA0
4Abhishek (CL)HCA0
5Aditya (BPS)HCA0
6Aditya KumarHCA0
7Aditya SoniHCA0
8Akash SainiHCA0
9Akash YadavHCA0
10Akshay Kumar (RPS)HCA0
11Aman KumarHCA0
12Aman Yadav (CL)HCA0
13Aman Yadav (CL)HCA0
14Anish (CL)HCA0
15Anish KumarHCA0
16Anish SharmaHCA0
17Anshu DaymaHCA0
18Anuj YadavHCA0
19Arohan (HPS)HCA0
20Ashish Yadav (CL)HCA0
21Ashish-1 (CL)HCA0
22Ashish-2 (CL)HCA0
23Ayush (CL)HCA0
24Ayush-1 (BPS)HCA0
25Ayush-2 (BPS)HCA0
26Ayush-3 (BPS)HCA0
27Badal RaoHCA0
29Bhavya (CL)HCA0
30Bhavya (HPS)HCA0
31Bhawna (BPS), WHCA0
32Bhupender SainiHCA0
33Chetan YadavHCA0
34Chirag YadavHCA0
35Darsh AggarwalHCA0
36Deepak-1 (BPS)HCA0
37Deepak-2 (BPS)HCA0
38Deepanshu YadavHCA0
40Devanshu (HPS)HCA0
41Devender (BPS)HCA0
42Diksha (HPS), WHCA0
43Dinesh (BPS)HCA0
44Dipanshu (HPS)HCA0
45Dishant (CL)HCA0
46Rishabh 50HCA0
47Divya Sain (CL)HCA0
48Divya, WHCA0
49Divyanshi (BPS), WHCA0
50Dixit (BPS)HCA0
51Gajender YadavHCA0
52Garvit JainHCA0
53Gaurav (CL)HCA0
54Granth MahlawatHCA0
55Gungun (HPS), WHCA0
56Harsh (BPS)HCA0
57Harsh BansalHCA0
58Harsh GuptaHCA0
59Harsh Potodiya (CL)HCA0
60Hawa SinghHCA0
61Himani (BPS), WHCA0
62Himanshu (CL)HCA0
63Hiren (CL)HCA0
65Jai Mehta (BPS)HCA0
66Jayant SanghiHCA0
67Khushboo (HPS), WHCA0
68Krishna (BPS)HCA0
69Dheeraj 50HCA0
70Kunal (CL)HCA0
71Laxmi (BPS), WHCA0
72Love Garg (BPS)HCA0
74Manish Choudhary (BPS)HCA0
75Manshi (HPS), WHCA0
76Mayank (BPS)HCA0
77Minakshi (HPS), WHCA0
78Mohit (BPS)HCA0
79Mukul (BPS)HCA0
80Mukul (CL)HCA0
81Muskan, WHCA0
82Naveen (BPS)HCA0
83Neha (HPS), WHCA0
84Nikhil (BPS)HCA0
85Nirupam (BPS)HCA0
86Nishant (BPS)HCA0
87Nishant (HPS)HCA0
88Nitesh (BPS)HCA0
89Nitin (BPS)HCA0
90Panshul (BPS)HCA0
91Parth (BPS)HCA0
92Partham (BPS)HCA0
93Parul (HPS), WHCA0
94Parv GoyalHCA0
95Piyush Yadav (CL)HCA0
96Prashant (CL)HCA0
98Prince (CL)HCA0
99Priyanka (HPS), WHCA0
102Priyanshu (CL)HCA0
103Priyanshu YadavHCA0
104Pooja (HPS), WHCA0
105Rahul SoniHCA0
106Rahul YadavHCA0
107Rajat (BPS)HCA0
108Raman (CL)HCA0
109Ritik (BPS)HCA0
110Hanshika, WHCA0
111Gungun, WHCA0
112SAman (HPS)HCA0
113Sahil (HPS)HCA0
114Sahil YadavHCA0
115Sakshi (HPS), WHCA0
116Sangam (HPS)HCA0
118Shelja (HPS), WHCA0
119Shruti (BPS), WHCA0
120Lalit 50HCA0
121Smarika (HPS), WHCA0
122Sneha Mehlawat, WHCA0
124Suhani Soni, WHCA0
125Surya RastogiHCA0
126Suryanshu (CL)HCA0
127Tanish DaymaHCA0
128Tanishq (BPS)HCA0
129Tanishq BansalHCA0
131Tanuj (BPS)HCA0
132Titiksha, WHCA0
133Umesh Yadav (CL)HCA0
134Vanshi (BPS), WHCA0
135Vidhi Rao, WHCA0
136Vinay (BPS)HCA0
137Vipul (BPS)HCA0
138Vishesh (BPS)HCA0
139Vishesh KumarHCA0
140Vivek (HPS)HCA0
141Vritika, WHCA0
142Yogesh (HPS)HCA0
143Yogesh-1 (CL)HCA0
144Yogesh-2 (CL)HCA0
145Yuvraj ShantnuHCA0
146Yuvraj YadavHCA0